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Antique Doll Restoration - Repair Services and Fees:

Whether they were stored on a shelf, cared or played with by children it makes each doll an individual. No two dolls are alike, similar maybe, but not alike. Therefore, with every doll different, every job becomes customized. Antique - collectible doll repair services can have a wide range of prices and can vary significantly from doll to doll.

Unless there is difficulty with finding doll parts for your doll, we attempt to restore and complete dolls under a 12 week time span.

Antique Doll Restoration accepts dolls for repair via the US Postal Mail Service after you have established contact with us regarding your repairs. Prior to our acceptance of your doll restoration project, it's your responsibility to provide us with the following.

1 - A detailed account in writing of the repair work you're wishing to have done.
2 - Photo(s) of the current condition of doll needing restored.

Once we have received your written account of the required repairs including picture(s), we will prepare an estimate that will include the following:

1- Detailed packing and shipping instructions to prevent further damages of your antique doll during transit.
2 - A written estimate that will include repair charges, return shipping costs and shipping insurance fee.

If you decide to have Antique Doll restoration repair your antique doll, please contact us prior to shipping your doll to us.

Antique Doll Restoration must receive payment in full for all restoration services provided prior to returning any restored dolls. Antique Doll Restoration photographs all restored antique dolls in a effort to ensure proof of repairs and the restored value in case an insurance claim needs filed because of return shipping damage.

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